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Haiti Police Unveils New App

The Haitian National Police unveiled a new app on Thursday. It's meant to help communicate with the community.

The app has special sections like, "Report and Share," a look at each patrol division, a place to report gang activity, a look at what beat you live in and a way to connect with community policing officer, a place to fill out an accident report, and a calendar to see what's going out throughout in the community.

"This app is going to be not only a way the PNH can share information with our community but also the citizens can share information with us," said Michel-Ange Gedeon, director of Haiti National Police. "Which can help us find lost person, help us find criminals."

"It's going to be a great tool for the Haitian national police and the community in connecting together, sharing information and making sure we have all the necessary information we have regarding incidents in our community," said Gedeon.

The app is available for Apple, Android and Windows phones in the app stores. It's free to download :… #Haiti #PNH

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