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  • Frantz Alcema,

Haitians in Paris reportedly safe

Haitians in Paris are letting friends and family know they are safe using a Facebook feature activated in times of disaster. Many people are using it in France on Saturday following a coordinated series of attacks that killed129 people including at least 1 American and more than 350 injured.

Social networking giants Twitter and Facebook has introduced new tools, which will allow people to discuss, track and further talk about the attacks. To help people and users to mark themselves safe during the attack, Facebook has activated the “Safety Check” feature.

Facebook also sent messages to users who are identified to the crisis zone in Paris to find if they are safe.

On the other hand, Twitter has started off the tab known as “Moments”, which will now show the images, tweets and videos are taken from people around, new agencies to spread awareness, said a report on World Street Journal.

Internet giant Google is also a step ahead and announced that all international calls made from the Hangouts mobile communication app to France will be free this weekend. This will help people to track others they know. Users can download the Google’s Hangouts app to avail the service.

‘Safety Check’ allows a person in the area of any tragedy, such as a terrorist attack or earthquake, to mark them okay and give their loved ones some peace of mind. The safety check feature in Facebook was introduced in 2014, and since then, it has been activated five times.

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