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Missionary couple killed in Haiti laid to rest in Missouri

A missionary couple murdered in Haiti nearly two weeks ago has been laid to rest in Missouri.

The funeral service for Natalie and Davy Lloyd was held Tuesday in southwestern Missouri’s Neosho, where the couple lived when they weren’t in Haiti.

Natalie’s father, State Rep, Ben Baker, R-Neosho, spoke at the funeral.

“Time wouldn’t permit me to reminisce of all the qualities of their character and the talent that they possessed, but the one that stands out above them all is that they loved people,” he said, his voice occasionally breaking up.

He recalled when Davy asked for his permission to marry Natalie.

“He was so nervous, and Davy, he never let that go and he always talks about how scared he was and how…he just thought I was gonna break his hand,” Baker said as the audience laughed. “But Davy had just as firm (of) a handshake.”

Davy and Natalie Lloyd were killed May 23rd by an armed gang that attacked their church in Haiti. The local mission director, Jude Montis, was also killed in the attack.

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