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More than 30 US citizens leave Haiti on charter flight Sunday

More than 30 U.S. citizens were returned to the United States from Haiti on a flight chartered by the U.S. State Department Sunday, a department spokesperson said.

One day after the State Department posted its plans for the flight on X, asking interested U.S. passport holders to register on an intake form, the flight departed from Cap-Haitien, and landed in Miami, Florida, according to the spokesperson.

As of Sunday night, it was unclear how many U.S. citizens stranded in Haiti have requested a charter flight, and how many Americans total remain on the ground.

The spokesperson pointed to the "fluid and quickly evolving situation" in the country, saying, "U.S. citizens are not required to register their travel to a foreign country with us, so we cannot track with fidelity how many U.S. citizens are in any particular country."

The State Department is currently considering additional options to help get stranded Americans out of the country, including keeping a close watch on the availability of commercial flights.

U.S. citizens who want to leave Haiti have been asked to contact the Department of State via its website.

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