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Haiti’s Humanitarian Needs Remain ‘Disturbingly High,’ UN Official Warns

Haiti’s humanitarian needs “remain at a disturbingly high level,” a U.N. official says, with almost half of the population in need of assistance.

Bruno Lemarquis is deputy special representative of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti, known as BINUH. He is also U.N. resident and humanitarian coordinator in Haiti.

He spoke Wednesday during a briefing by the U.N.’s humanitarian affairs office, known as OCHA. The meeting took place virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic and involved various U.N. agencies and representatives, not all of whom were identified by name, as well as other stakeholders.

Lemarquis said the current humanitarian situation in Haiti is comparable to that of South Sudan and the Central African Republic, which have seen years of strife. “But there is no war,” he noted.

He is calling for an integrated approach to help the country better stand on its own and for the international community to step up and contribute to funding for Haiti.

Lemarquis says only about one-third of the funds designated for Haiti has come through.

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