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Amnesty urges end to ‘racist’ treatment of Haitian asylum seekers

Amnesty International has urged countries across the Americas to stop their “racist” treatment of Haitian asylum seekers, who the rights group says face anti-Black discrimination in their search for protection.

In a statement on World Refugee Day on Tuesday, Amnesty said a deteriorating situation in Haiti, which is grappling with a surge in gang violence and political instability has forced thousands to flee their homes in recent years.

“Instead of receiving solidarity from other countries in the Americas, Haitians have suffered acts of racism, xenophobia, and systematic violence in their search for protection,” it said.

The group said it had documented cases of assault, arbitrary detention, torture, mass deportation and discrimination against Haitian asylum seekers in Peru, Chile, the United States, Mexico and the neighboring Dominican Republic, among other countries.

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