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First lady Martine Moïse says she's considering running for president

Former first lady Martine Moïse says she is now seriously considering running for president after her husband, President Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated at their home, leaving her wounded in the attack earlier this month.

"President Jovenel had a vision," Moïse told The New York Times in a report published Friday, adding, "and we Haitians are not going to let that die."

A band of armed gunmen stormed into the couple's private residence in Haiti on July 7 and assassinated the president, critically wounding his wife.

"I would like people who did this to be caught, otherwise they will kill every single president who takes power," the first lady told the Times in her first interview since her husband's brutal murder.

"They did it once. They will do it again," she said.

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