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MSF Opens a Trauma Hospital in Port-au-Prince (Tabarre)

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) opened a hospital in Port-au-Prince for patients with life-threatening injuries including open fractures and gunshot wounds.

As Haiti's economic and political crisis grew since September 2019, MSF decided to launch a new initiative to care for patients with life-threatening injuries, who the Haitian medical system is struggling to treat.

"We are responding to a vital need with the opening of the Tabarre emergency trauma hospital, but this will not be enough," said Jane Coyne, MSF head of mission in Haiti.

"The country is undergoing a severe economic and political crisis, and hospitals are struggling to stay open," he added.

MSF originally opened a hospital in Tabarre in 2012 to provide emergency care to people with traumatic injuries in the years following the earthquake that struck the country.

The hospital, named "Nap Kenbe," progressively reduced its services in recent years and admitted its last patient in late 2018.

Working in the same building in Tabarre, the new MSF hospital currently employs 170 medical personnel, including eight surgeons. After opening with 25 beds, the hospital is preparing to increase its capacity to 50 beds.

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