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Jovenel wants 'elections' in Haiti

President Jovenel Moise says 2019 must result in Haiti achieving “credible, honest, democratic and transparent elections” and that his administration will provide the necessary resources to accomplish that feat.

Addressing the opening of a new Parliament session, Jovenel Moise, said the country is going through a “decisive period” as this is the fourth and last year of the 50th legislature.

“I have the opportunity to reiterate my personal attachment as head of State, to democracy, to institutional continuity and Republican, as well as our loyalty to the founding principles of the Republic of Haiti that are liberty, equality and fraternity”.

The bicameral National Assembly of Haiti consists of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The Chamber of Deputies has 99 members, who are elected by popular vote for a four-year term, while the 30 members of the Senate are elected to serve six-year terms, with one third elected every 2 years.

Moise told legislators that the year 2018 had been characterized by economic, political and social challenges and this year “should allow us to be more concerned about the respect of the constitutional prescriptions, to strive, in the patriotic spirit, to overcome crises that threaten the survival of the nation”.

“2019 is the year of major Republican meetings. It's a historic year. We must achieve credible, honest, democratic and transparent elections.

To carry out the latter, my administration and the government will make all necessary arrangements. It is a constitutional and republican requirement,” he said, noting that to respond to the demands of the people,

the government must intensify its actions with the required sense of urgency and determination.

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