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1,262 Haitian migrants returned home from Chile

The 8th flight to return Haitians took off on Wednesday, this time with 89 people who signed up for the program. The return plan from the Chilean government uses a plane from the Chilean Air Force to return Haitians and other nationalities who sign up for the program.

The latest flight to Haiti was confirmed by Chile’s Under Secretary of the Interior Rodrigo Ubilla. The flight from Chile to Haiti is the second one this week. The previous one took off from Antofagasta with 176 Haitian citizens on board.

The program from the Chilean government was launched a few months back. The launch saw many Haitian citizens and other nationalities sign up. During the early stages of the program, there was a waiting list of more than 1,000 Haitians.

The seven flights have returned 1,262 Haitians but Rodrigo Ubilla has revealed that the number of requests has dropped. He indicated that about 100 people were now signing up for the program every week.

This is a much lower number than what the program saw during its launch.

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