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Shooting at Haiti-Dominican border : 7 victims

Dominican soldiers have repelled Saturday in confused circumstances, "an attack" of Haitians at the border post of Carrizal, Elias Piña, a cement truck is the cause of this incident.

Military officials in the Dominican Republic say a shootout between troops and cement smugglers at the Haitian border has wounded three Haitians and one Dominican soldier.

Defence Minister Ruben Paulino Sem says soldiers tried to stop a contraband load of cement when they came under fire Saturday.

He says three wagonloads of cement crossed the border into the Haitian border town of Belladere, while three others were halted on the Dominican side.

He said Sunday that commercial traffic isn’t allowed through that crossing.

The minister said that after the incident, disturbances broke out on the Haitian side, with police firing tear gas.

President Jovenel Moise sent a tweet mentioning violence at the border that he said : "I regret the incidents that occurred on the border in Belladère, following a territorial violation, during which compatriots were injured.

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