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  • Frantz Alcema,

Haitians apply for Chile's 'humanitarian visa'

Haitians living in Chile began a process on Monday that will facilitate the reunification of family members, thanks to a new humanitarian visa.

Haitians can apply for the 12-month visa if they already have family living in Chile.

The measure was announced in April as Chile looked to grapple with an influx of migrants, mostly from crisis-hit Venezuela and Haiti.

It will issue 10,000 such humanitarian visas a year.

Chile has actually tightened the rules for Haitians, canceling a previous tourist visa-on-arrival and imposing a new system that requires Haitians to apply for a 30-day visa in their capital Port-au-Prince.

But for those already with family in Chile, citizens from Haiti, can now benefit from a measure aimed at reuniting children with their parents.

"The importance of this document is to allow children to not be separated from their families, as well as to give them protection, dignity and well-being," said chancellor Roberto Ampuero, in quotes carried by El Mercurio newspaper.

The measures were announced to find a solution to the wave of undocumented foreigners arriving in Chile over the last four years.


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