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Compas Festival successful despite rainy weather

The rain was not a big enough deterrent to the thousands who attended the Haitian Compas Festival on Saturday May 19, 2018.

Some held umbrellas and others puts their hoods on as festival-goers walked around the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, Miami.

Although it rained from beginning to end, that didn’t stop thousands Haitian came from Canada, Europe, the United States and Haiti to celebrate.

“The rain is definitely a deterrent, but not a strong enough one to keep me away from some of my favorite bands,” said Roody Thomas, who traveled from North Carolina.

“I’ve personally never been to a festival of this magnitude in the rain, so it’ll be an experience to remember.” he added.

“We had a great turnout this year, especially considering the weather,” said a festival’s committee member. “It started off a little slow and then when the rain let up, we had a really good turnout.”

The 20th edition held at Mana Wynwood in Miami and featured Harmonik, Gabel, Enposib, K-Zino, Rylax, Orchestre Septentrional, Tabou Combo, Nu Look, T-Vice, Kai, Kreyol La, Vayb, alongside some of the best solo artists Admiral T, Rutshelle, JPerry, Roody Roodboy.

Video Compas Festival 2018 : Kaï & Rutshelle “Kansè”

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