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  • Writer's pictureFrantz Alcema,

Police fail to arrest notorious member of Cité Plus’ s gang

Haitian Police have failed to arrest on Tuesday the leader of the Gang known as "Arnel" who controls the neighborhood of Cité Plus and spreads terror among the population , informed sources.

Deputy Commissioner Berson Soljour, acknowledged that intervention, which was not muscular, did not have the expected success because of a lack of collaboration of the population.

Informed of the police presence Arnel and his heavily armed gang immediately fired automatic weapons on the police officers who retreated while replying, waiting for reinforcements. A shooting that triggered a real panic among the population seeking shelter, running in all directions in a situation of great confusion.

With the arrival of the reinforcements, the PNH supported by armored vehicles invested the Cité Plus neighborhood in search of the gang leader who had disappeared with his men.

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