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Technology Summit finds Success in Haiti

Haiti made history by hosting the largest annual gathering of innovators at the Haiti Tech Summit. The two days Summit at Royal Decameron Resort Haiti was the brainchild of Christine Souffrant Ntim, who is one of the most ambitious entrepreneurs to cross into the technology events space.

Hosting the event in Haiti not only aims to revitalize economic activity but to also provide a new narrative for Haiti and emerging markets, ” said Christine Souffrant Ntim.

“We need to stop the negative feedback loop that features countries like Haiti as a land of devastation and destruction. As the first black republic, the country has a profound history of empowerment, leadership, and innovation. We aim to revive that image and place Haiti as a central point of innovation within tech, impact and entrepreneurship in the region,” added the founding organizer of the event.

The summit had three primary objectives. Firstly, to provide an annual gathering point of tech innovators, influences and entrepreneurs addressing humanity’s grandest challenges.

Secondly, to provide a central platform for showcasing advances in exponential technologies such as the Internet of Things, Ai, Drones and Space tech.

Thirdly to provide an annual partnership exchange that furthers global objectives in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The historic event featured 100 global speakers flying from the top startup capitals of the world such as Silicon Valley, Dubai, New York, and London.

The event announcement was made on the eve of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake anniversary and was shared by over 423,000 supporters within 24 hours.

Carl Sandy Alcema

Photos: Haiti Tech Summit

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